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The good and the bad

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As more of you take delivery of your new CX90, I look forward to hearing about the the good and the bad. I'm in the market for one or possibly the CX70 when it releases.

Long story short, I purchased a brand new 2023 pilot elite about 2 weeks before the release of the CX90. I'm having buyers remorse. It is a very roomy comfortable ride that is a great family vehicle. My problem is the interior feels kinda bland or dated. It's also very boring to drive and I can't stand the jerkyness in the transmission when starting out. I'm going to hold onto it for a year so that I don't just throw away money by trading it right away.

I'm thinking the CX90 or the up coming CX70 will be a better fit for me. I don't have any kids so as long as four sets of golf clubs fit in the back with the 3rd row down I'm good. Right now I'm leaning towards the turbo s premium plus with the tan and black interior. White or machine gray exterior.
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Sorry to hear you aren't enjoying your pilot. In late November I put a deposit on a Pilot Touring. The order was submitted in late January. In late February I put a deposit on a CX-90 Turbo S base.

Test drove a Pilot in January and left with feelings that mirror your own. It didn't feel like it was worth the $. Seats were uncomfortable for my wife and I and the kids. Interior bland and infotainment screen that blocks some view out the front. Really wanted to like it and left very disappointed.

In early March our Pilot arrived at the dealer when we were on vacation. On that vacation we drove a Turbo S Premium and fell in love. We all looked at each other and knew it was the one. Smaller interior room for sure but just clicked with our family. Honda dealer called when we got back and we told him to give it to someone else. He was shocked, asked us to come in but we passed. Our Turbo S Base arrives in late June.

All this to say your review is like you read my mind. We could have lived with the Pilot. I am sure it would have been reliable and practical. But we had an Odyssey the last 11 years. It was fine, made life with 2 kids easier but neither of us ever enjoyed driving it...ever.

You have a great SUV. Drive it and enjoy it. When you are ready get CX-90 or 70. By then thr bugs will be found by us early adopter beta testers. You will have a better vehicle for it!
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We wanted to test the new Pilot but couldn’t find one within reason and were told to expect terrible markup if we did find one. Please give a comparison to the CX-90 when you can.
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