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New Owner - SoCal

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PHEV Premium Plus arrives in SoCal in 2-4 weeks. More excited about this car than any I've purchased before even though its really for hauling my kids around. I'm hoping it lands before our trip out to Palm Desert...
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Congrats and welcome. Looking forward to pics and your initial review.
Nice. Did you get a chance to drive a PHEV before ordering? I'm seeing some of the local dealers are starting to move them from "In Transit" to "In Stock" so they are finally here.
Absolutely! A couple of times. Once for about a mile around the block, and then again as part of a scheduled test drive for much longer. It's a nice drive and the cabin is a very nice place to be. I don't like that there is a little piped in engine sound but it's not a bad sound.

It can definitely move in hybrid mode, but it's not breathtaking, more of a corner of the mouth smirk and knowing nod, positive acceleration. I used to have a Chevy Bolt with that instant electric engine response and relentless torque. It's not that. Obviously it's a far heavier car but the acceleration doesn't feel like it dips as gears change and moves up to freeway speeds or for passsing. Hope that makes sense.

There is definitely body roll in the curves but is better than expected for a big car. The steering is heavier than the numb squishy Palisade I test drove but the feedback is excellent. It's easy to turn in and out without making micro adjustments.

Brakes are sensitive and stop better than our '17 Santa Fe Sport.

I got a car with soul and feeling, the wife got a safe people mover with wheels that she likes. We are both delighted and looking forward to taking delivery.
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Glad to hear Capo Mazda is treating you right as that's our preferred dealer too. Went there years ago when they were still on Alicia Pkwy and couldn't have been more impressed with them. We'll have to stop by this weekend and give the PHEV a test drive.
I was encouraged to book, whilst I did manage to get a walk in drive, it was short as someone else had a scheduled one.
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