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Hi All,
Just a fast introduction, I am a familiar ex Mazda Manager in fixed operations and always like to help where and when I can, eagerly looking for all new CX-90 with straight 3.0 six AWD or 3.3 6 cyl diesel.
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Welcome to the forum @ASH8! It's too bad we don't get the diesel in the U.S. But I am excited about the new inline six. Have you owned other Mazdas or would the CX-90 be the first?
Yup been a Mazda man for decades, worked for them and also own two of their sports cars. Plus a moderator for other Mazda VirticalScope forums. I think the CX-90 with inline 6 will be sweet as and may consider. You don't need any diesel but they are great while working.
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Interesting note the all new CX-90 car-line or model code is officially the 'KK' which is a follow on from the original KE CX-5 in 2012.
Current CX-9 is TC with the TB as old Ford design V6.

KE first CX-5
KF current Updated CX-5
KH first CX-60
KK first CX-90
KM not official but my guess as CX-70?
KR not official but my guess as CX-80?
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Welcome to the forum Ash8! Great to see more Mazda people join.

Can’t wait for the prices to come out.
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