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New to the forum today, I’m not a proud owner yet, I need to see the cx90 in white and soul red before I can make up my mind and availability is another issue, but plan to be a new owner within months. I thought this would be a great place to find reviews and keep up with good ideas like that license plate holder that goes into the tow hook bracket. Driving a 2021 Palisade Calligraphy now which has been a great suv but love the Mazda quality and design, and so does the wife which is a big deal. This should be our last new vehicle so I need one that will last and the Mazdas have had a great track record. Just love the old style inline six, what a great idea to bring back that bullet proof smooth running design with modern tech. Have not seen one on the road yet but I’ve got my eyes open. My local dealer Bergstrom has them listed (in transit) so I’m waiting. Ya all have a great day!
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