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Navigation HUD issue

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After my initial drive home, the Nav system is about 80% it doesn't show directions on the HUD. Ive had the vehicle for only 2 weeks now. I've gone into the infotainment system made sure things were checked off. Used the vehicle as myself, as guest and neither of them works. Contacted the dealer I bought from and talked to their tech guy and was advised to use Toolbox and update the SD card. Already tried that and the program won't recognize the Nav SD card. The tech guy at the dealer tried Toolbox and I'll assume he hadn't used it in awhile because it was a new update to him with no log in screen. He then advise he couldn't just send me a new SD card because it's VIN locked to the truck, can't just replace it.
Bring it to the dealer close to my house and advise the tech advisor what's going on. He tries the Nav right there and is not showing the directions on the Hub. I ask if the SD card can be updated at the dealer and he says no due to firewalls in their network. The service tech then send me a video of the check. Says he can't replicate the problem because the Nav directions came up, go figure. He goes through the infotainment system to make sure the right things are checked and they are, checks for any updates and there aren't any. Then advised he tried to use Toolbox and the computer recognized the card but the program didn't. (Ummm, I was told they couldn't do that but ok) I go back to the dealership and the service advisor tells me that there are some areas that the Nav won't show up on the HUD. I ask what does the area have to do with internal computer stuff with Nav showing up on the HUD? He says that's just what the tech guy told him. I'm told Mazda hasn't updated their modules, whatever that is. He said basically that the vehicle is so new that Mazda hasn't updated anything for it. He also said that no one in the service dept has seen this issue and really don't know what to do. I was advised to wait awhile and hopefully Mazda will push out updates to fix this.

Has anyone else had issues with Nav on the 90? This is my first Mazda in about 30 years so I haven't used this infotainment system. I would have assumed that with Mazda trying to move into the luxury market, this would be an area they would have upgraded also. Kinda frustrating that no one can fix it. I get it that I can use Android Auto but that's not the point, it should work 100%of the time. BTW the directions work in the HUD with AA all the time. Just looking for help. Thanks
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