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Mazda CX-90 vs. Acura MDX

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Car Confections uses a point system to rate these 2 vehicles fairly objectively.
The MDX is an Advance SH-AWD (not Type-S) and the price is $65,753.
The CX-90 is a Turbo S Premium Plus and the price is $61,920.
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I was first considering PHEV, however have been leaning towards TSPP instead due to feature differences, however given the Mazda immaturity on electronics safety features (BSM issues, etc.), some of the desired luxury items in the TSPP are not fully baked yet. That makes me consider the MDX Advance. I am looking at lease, and it is actually cheaper to lease the MDX (7.5k miles vs 10k miles as Mazda does not have below 10k) - from leasehackr options I put this together below. Yes MDX MPG is lower as well. I have time - could delay until next year, but not sure - depends - will decide in a few months. Meanwhile, TSPP stock is sold out in my area as well - since they only had gotten around 2 each and appear to have TSP models in stock which lack some luxury/safety features. The safety features in MDX would be more mature given my sons 2019 Accord experiences. Would see what my existing 2007 CX-9 can be sold for (w/ just under $46k miles). First time leasing.. Have not driven either car or checked them out at the dealers, but taking my time given car market may get better in a few months.

CX-90 TSPP + ArtisanMDX SH-AWD Advance PkgNotes
Tax rate6.625%6.625%
Selling Price$58,596.00$60,019.40
Discount rate5.37%7.23%
Taxed Incentives$500.00$1,000.00Mazda $500 loyalty, Acura $1000 conquest
Term36/10k36/7.5kTypical 4k to 5k annual expected.
Residual rate57.00%58.00%
Residual value$35,294.00$37,523.00
Acquisition fee$650.00$595.00
Dealer Fees$799.00$799.00
Gvt Fees$500.00$500.00
Post-sales Incentives00
Disposition fees$350.000
Pre-tax monthly payment$789.00$707.00
Monthly Payment$789.00$707.00
Rent Charge$156.00$110.00
Due at Signing$4,750.00$4,446.00
1st month payment$789.00$707.00
Upfront Fees$1,949.00$1,894.00
Upfront Taxes$2,012.00$1,845.00
Total Cost$32,727.00$29,198.00
Rent Charge$5,615.00$3,962.00
Non-residualized taxes$2,012.00$1,845.00
Non-residualized fees$2,299.00$1,894.00
Effective monthly Cost$909.00$811.00
Leasehackr Score (years)6.17.1

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