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I6 differences?

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So there was an article posted by TFL saying the 2 - I6 variants are mechanically identical and the hp/tq rating difference is only due to premium vs regular fuel.

Any way to confirm this as it seems hard to believe. I would assume there are pressure differences between the turbos or something in the computer programming.

I know someone had access to the parts diagrams. Are the turbo units the same part numbers between S and non-S variants?
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As far as I know in Europe they will not get the CX-90, but the CX-80 3 row with the 3.0 Litre inline 6 cylinder, may have some hybridization ??

USA and Australia gets the CX-90 with the high power Turbo inline 3.3 6 cylinder and yes the Premium Fueled model get more HP and Torque over standard 3.3 Turbo,.... and YES it does make a difference as ECU will learn/map with the higher Octane rated gas.

I have not gone through Mazda EPC parts to try and glean more info and what is used for which configurations, I am getting somewhat too old to keep up (joke), and yes the EPC info I have posted is USA model.
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