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I6 differences?

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So there was an article posted by TFL saying the 2 - I6 variants are mechanically identical and the hp/tq rating difference is only due to premium vs regular fuel.

Any way to confirm this as it seems hard to believe. I would assume there are pressure differences between the turbos or something in the computer programming.

I know someone had access to the parts diagrams. Are the turbo units the same part numbers between S and non-S variants?
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My technical/professional side makes me think there are two different turbo models that would yield two different compressions.
The horsepower difference is too big in my opinion to be thinking it’s the same turbo with software “tweaking”.

If I do get the CX-90 it will be the normal turbo as I don’t have to pull any trailer. If there was the option of the inline 6 without any turbo, I’d pick that one.
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