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CX-90 PROBLEMS - Front Doors make unusual Noise when Opening or Closing Front Doors.

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Well it great to see that the fantastic new CX-90 is being Delivered to Owners in North America (USA).

This is my first thread of substance and for those who know me I respect the brand a great deal as I have worked in and owned the product for many years (too many), anyway I have Mazda Dealer contacts all over the world and from time to time will help owners on issues that maybe overlooked by their selling Mazda Dealer.

Having worked in Mazda wholesale (easy job) and Dealerships in fix operations (way much harder) things can easily come undone, we do not know everything.

The all NEW CX-90.
There appears to be an unusual intermittent Noise coming from the front doors on CX-90, this issue has been tracked down and thankfully not a major one.
What happens when closing the front doors the main Doors Wiring Loom that enters from A pillar into the hinged door itself rubs against each other, the fix is for your Dealer to add special felt tape to protect and resolve the problem.
I want to stress this is not all CX-90s, if you hear this noise when opening or closing your front doors let your Mazda Dealer know on cars first service and quote bulletin SA-019/23 which was supplied to me by US Mazda Dealer contact.
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Thanks for posting this. I hope nobody has the problem.
It's not really a huge problem just a squeak noise from being new.
Mazda being Mazda.

Every Mazda customer I have had over decades I have always said to them if you treat your Dealer the same way you would like being treated Mazda generally bends over backwards to help you.

If you are a demanding a$$hole who thinks they are special then you don't deserve the VIP treatment.

Even out of new car warranty if an issue happens and you have always had car serviced at any Dealership then Mazdas very generous goodwill policy kicks in where arrangements between Dealer and Distributor occurs and a generous compromise happens.
The reason in so many countries Mazda has industry best customer retention. Mazda wants you to continue to buy cars from them.
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No door squeaks in mine, just a solid thud.
Also applies to CX-60 in Europe.
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